Farmer Training

Farming Internship Program

We offer Full-Season (stipend), Summer (unpaid) and Fall (unpaid) Farm Internships for individuals interested in participating in all aspects of small-scale production farming. Interns learn to grow annual crops from seed to harvest and care for farm livestock, receiving on-the-job training and hands-on education. Check our Open Positions page to apply for Farm Internships. Contact Bryan Allan for more information.

Outer Southeast Farmer Training Project

Started in 2012, the Outer Southeast Farmer Training Project is a collaboration between Zenger Farm and neighbors and partners, designed to support skill building and networking for gardeners and small scale farmers. The project is community based; participants decide upon and design training curricula and networking opportunities. Language interpretation and childcare are available if requested one week prior. We host workshops about once per month. Please check our Events page for current workshops. For more information contact Prairie Hale, 503-282-4245.