Thank You for You

Dear Zenger Farm Community,

Andrew and Krysta Super CutenessIt’s with bittersweet hearts that both of us let you know that we’re leaving Zenger Farm at the end of this year. Andrew will be supporting Street Roots here in Portland as their new Development Director, and Krysta is beginning a new chapter in the San Francisco bay area closer to her family.

As this season of change is upon us, we both have been reflecting about how our journeys at the farm have been beautiful, in so many ways. Zenger Farm is a magical place and means the world to us. Working alongside each of you has been a gift.

We believe we can make a more just food system, and know the only way we can do it is together.

We also know that you make all the work that Zenger Farm does possible. The farm would not be the place that it is if it weren’t for you being a part of it.

For Krysta, the farm is “a place where we each bring our unique gifts and experiences to build together a more just community. And of course, there’s always delicious food to share with one another. ”

For Andrew, Zenger Farm “is joy. A community hub where everyone can get a share of the harvest and have a place at the table. A place where we build community around the common language of food. A place where you can just be you.”

Even though our roles in this story are changing, our belief in the work – the mission – of the farm is unwavering. We can’t wait to see what the next chapters look like. And the ways that we will continue to be a part of the story.

Thank you for you. For making Zenger Farm so special. And for making good food for all more of a reality every single day.

~Andrew & Krysta

PS – We’re currently hiring for Krysta’s position – check out the description here. And for Andrew’s role, we’re still figuring out next steps and will be back in touch with what that looks like soon.