Winter Camp

December 18th-22nd and 27th-29th, 2017

Open to K-6th Graders

2017 registration is now Live!


Campers will celebrate the changing of the  seasons, craft natural gifts for friends and family, and cook farm-fresh winter delights! Join us!

Here’s the highlights:

  • Camp is $65 per day- sign up for one day or multiple days!
  • Camp starts at 8:45am and ends at 3pm
  • After-care is available from 3pm to 6pm for $20 per day
  • Need-based scholarships available. Click here to apply.
  • Contact Camp Manager Andy McGee at for questions
  • Click here for general camp information including  what to bring, behavior policies, cancellation policies and directions.



Dec 18th: Herbs and Spice and Everything Nice: Have you ever wondered why freshly-baked pies and holiday breads smell so good? It’s the spices inside that make them so delicious! During this camp, we’ll be exploring flavors in the kitchen, using dried spices and harvesting fresh herbs from the farm. We’ll do some baking and taste-testing as well as making some fragrant gifts to give to loved ones!  ALL GROUPS SOLD OUT

Winter Bread making

Dec 19th: Bubbles and Bread : Who’s making all those bubbles in our bread?! It’s time to find out in this fun camp that’s part mad science and part delicious baking. Get to know the living creatures that bring our breads and pizza doughs to life! We’ll conduct fun experiments to get them growing while baking some delicious warm treats to enjoy together. Just don’t burst those bubbles! ALL GROUPS SOLD OUT

Dec 20th: Crafting Wintery Gifts from the Farm: With the holidays just around the bend, campers will put on their creative winter caps and craft farm-inspired natural gifts to take home to their loved ones. Campers will harvest farm foliage and ingredients to help them create that perfect present while they enjoy warm winter snacks from the Farmhouse and Grange kitchens.  ALL GROUPS SOLD OUT

 Dec 21st: Solstice Celebration and Winter Traditions: The seasons are changing and it’s time to welcome winter to the farm! In this cozy camp, we will explore different holiday traditions from the Northwest and around the world while making some warm, delicious wintery snacks to share and enjoy. We’ll honor the coming of winter with treats to fill the belly and stories to warm the heart!  K-1 SOLD OUT

Dec 22nd: Sweet and Savory Pie Party: Whether it’s for dinner or dessert, you can’t beat a homemade pie! This camp will feature farm fresh ingredients in delicious pies that we make ourselves. Campers will learn how to make pie dough from scratch and then explore the possibilities for shapes, sizes and fillings. Of course, we’ll have to eat our delicious creations as we observe the farm in winter.  K-1 SOLD OUT

Winter Camp chickensDec 27th: Green Thumbs Up! Gardening doesn’t have to wait for springtime! On this fun-filled day, we’ll be planting our own little gardens indoors to take home and then create tiny clay creatures and structures to decorate them. We will bundle up to help get the Children’s Garden ready for the new year and then make some garden art to decorate it, too! And of course, we’ll have to make a delicious farm treat to keep up our energy. Get your green thumbs ready!

Dec 28th: Natural Artists: What can you create, using the power of nature? In this camp, we’ll be harnessing our creative juices to make art based on the beauty of Zenger Farm. We’ll use different artistic and natural materials and techniques to capture our picturesque farm fields and wetlands into our own unique creations to take home. We’ll explore the farm and wetlands and use their beauty as our source of inspiration while making time to daydream, play games and, of course, make delicious farm snacks to fuel our creativity.

Dec 29th: Winter Tea Party: It’s time to get fancy on the farm with a tea party! We’ll harvest fresh Winter Tea Timefarm herbs together and make all different types of delicious herbal tea to enjoy. We’ll put our skills to the test to make our own tea bags to take home or use as gifts! Of course, every tea party needs treats so we’ll be making delicious scones and other delights to enjoy with our tea. We’ll finish the day with a fun farm tea party. Pinkies up!