CSA Members Enjoy…

Members-only CSA events

In addition to the cooking workshops and other public events, only CSA members are invited to come visit the farm for these special CSA events…

  • Farm Tour  In early May, we’ll start the year by inviting you out to take a tour of the farm with your farmers.
  • Cookbook Swap In July, bring in cookbooks that you’re done using and take home some new cookbooks with new recipes to try out!
  • Summer Pizza Potluck In August/September, bring in a side dish and make a pizza in our wood-fired pizza oven with farm-fresh toppings!

Enjoy visiting the Farm weekly

When you pickup your vegetables, you’re visiting the farm! Every week is a CSA event! You are welcome to bring family and friends to…

  • Stroll through the fields and watch your vegetables grow,
  • Feed Squawk Choy (our rooster) and the flock of laying hens, and
  • Check out the critters in the wetland!

our 2018 CSA theme is Taste!

You’ve probably heard of a wine tasting course, but have you ever heard of a food tasting course? Probably not—food tasting is under-appreciated. But we’re going to change that!

In 2018, Zenger Farm CSA members will explore food tastes together. In our newsletters, we’ll learn about taste using some special recipes and the vegetables in your share. At some of the CSA pickups, we’ll have fun activities and experiments to learn about taste.

And by the end of the season, you will be able to answer all these questions like a taste expert…

  • Are you and your family supertasters?
  • What do chili peppers, mint, ginger, menthol, and cinnamon all have in common?
  • If sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami are components of taste, what are the components of flavor?
  • Why does massaging and rinsing kale make it taste sweeter?
  • What is retronasal olfaction?